MOT time can be a little daunting for some, but fear not – if your vehicle needs work to pass, we can advise on what is required and give you a complete price, as well as time to go away and think. As long as the work is carried out within ten working days, we'll carry out your MOT retest free of charge.


Annual servicing not only helps your vehicle perform more efficiently, but also means minor faults can be spotted before they become major and more costly problems. By giving us your registration and mileage, we can advise you on the best service for your vehicle and what it will cost to keep you on the road.


If that little engine light is still blinking, don't ignore it! Using the latest diagnostic equipment we can read your engine fault codes and advise on the action needed to keep you on the road, before the problem gets any worse – without baffling you with technology!


To get the best performance you should have your air conditioning serviced roughly every 18 months. We will check to see that all is running well, check for leaks, change your pollen filter, apply a cleaner and re-gas your unit. If you experience flu-like symptoms whilst driving, it may be that you have air con contamination and definitely need to pop in!


As vehicles become older or by living close to the sea, rust can cause chassis and bodywork deterioration, resulting in MOT failure. Our mechanics can give you an estimate on any work required, you are also welcome to come and see for yourself! Our welding is of a very high standard, so much so that other garages have used us – so you can rest assured you're driving safely.


There are many items to the front and rear suspension of a car, these can become worn and may knock, or simply begin to wear and have play in them, they may fail an mot or put your tracking out, thus wearing your tyres unevenly. Our roads can also contribute to worn suspension parts, hitting potholes or road humps at speed can cause wear or damage.


From budget through to low profile, including new valves and balancing. If we notice that your tyres have worn in a certain way, we can also provide tracking so that your new tyres won't wear unevenly to keep you on the road for longer.


No matter the size of the repair, a&e can help. We are loyal to our customers and believe in good customer service and fair pricing. Feel free to call in and see how we can help with the repair you need, all be it a modern car or your vintage pride and joy!


With a vast amount of knowledge in vehicle electrics we have solved many complicated issues. Due to electric issues sometimes being elusive, we have spent a lot of time, effort and money in this area to make sure we can solve all your problems – not forgetting the simple items too, like blown fuses, relays and corroded terminals.


a&e provide and fit exhausts, from gaskets and clamps to complete exhaust systems including good quality catalytic convertors, at competitive prices. It may also be possible to repair a leaking exhaust – just pop in and speak to one of the team. We also have experience in dealing with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and DPF regeneration.


With age and wear being the main factors, you may at some point need to replace the clutch on your vehicle, here at a&e we can cater for all your needs in this department, it maybe that it's a case of leaking hydraulics, or a broken cable, right up to a dual mass flywheel replacement.

timing belts

It is very important to check your vehicles timing belt replacement interval, a snapped belt can become very costly as it may cause engine damage, a belt can also become slack and slip off,of a worn tensioner. Different manufacturers use different timescales and mileages for belt replacement, here at a&e we can advise you on when to replace and whether or not you will need to replace tensioners,we will let you know the complete price and advise on what's needed.

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